DoctrineMark Driscoll & Garry Breshears have done a great job writing a clear discription on the core doctrines of the faith.  This book is good for students who want to dig deeper into the truths of scripture.  Excellent read!!!



Do Hard Things


Alex & Brett Harris who are teenagers themselves writes about doing hard things for Christ.  This book is good for the new believer in Christ or the believer who has been walking with Jesus for a while.  Highly recommend this book for any teen!




John Piper a well known author gets to the bottom line of the bottom line in this book.  He said, “There is only one life that will soon be past only what is done for Christ will last.”  Anyone alive should read this book!




Worldliness By CJ

CJ Mahaney writes about the impact the world has on mankind!  He gives a clear discription on how a Christian should operate in the world.  Teens today are trap by the lies of the world to have all the money the world has to offer.  This book will help you fight against the world, the flesh, and the devil.



I Kissed Dating goodbye

Joshua Harris writes on the issue of dating. This a very debated topic even in Christian circles.  Harris points out that dating is not even in the bible.  This book is a great read for teens.  This book is highly recommended by those who hold to courtship.





David Platt in this book Radical gives a clear discription of what it means to follow Christ.  Jesus said in the gospels if we are not willing to take up a cross and follow him, then we cannot be his disciples.  This book is good for the teen who is serious about following Christ.